You are Buyer by an industrial group

Railroad, aeronautical sectors, energy, naval, automobile...

Your job is to select an expert in capital goods or in equipment

You have an only project or in small series, and you look for a competitive price allying the quality.

You are an industrial large company of the railroad, aeronautical, automobile, food-processing, energy, naval sectors …

We well know your internal processes and constraints, your responsibility on the choice of the persons receiving benefits for more than 40 years.

You need of

  • The whole storage and distribution: containers, furniture of picking …
  • Handling systems: trailers, lifting beam, swing chairs, sleds, trolleys, lifting equipments …
  • Equipments for your operations of weld, assembly, templates and swing chair for painting …

You have to master the costs and deadlines for all the manufacturing.

MECATLAS makes mechanic welded products on demand

  • Mechanic-weld workshop: cut, folding, drilling, stamping, manufacturing, welding, painting, assembly;
  • Methods Department;
  • Research and development Department;
  • Romania sourcing thanks to our filiale. This organisation, firmly in place for several years, is an additional advantage for the competitiveness of your realizations.
Biens d'équipement industriel - mecatlas

According to your requirements and constraints, MECATLAS proposes you services a la carte or in co-development.