You are a Buyer for machines or equipment manufacturer

For the industry, the building & civil Engineering works, business sector of agriculture…

You are a manufacturer of special machine with specific use

You are a manufacturer of special machine with specific use

You work in the agriculture’, the public works, the textile industry: tractors, machines of handling, machines of manufacturing, machine tools …

Your objective is to find a company, a manufacturer of mechanic welded parts, in subcontracting for your equipments or machines.

You well know your project and know perfectly the particularities for which you ask us for.

You are worried of paying the right price and know all the points of the process of your job, decisive to accompany your choice.

MECATLAS answers to the industrial subcontracting constraints request or in co-development

MECATLAS realizes parts in small series or in renewable reduced quantities in timing and mastered costs, thanks to the conjunction of the skills and the evolutionary methods in mechanic-weld.

  • Mechanic-welding Workshop: cut, folding, drilling, stamping, manufacturing, welding, painting, assembly;
  • Methods department;
  • Research and development department;
  • Sourcing in Romania thanks to our SR2C subsidiary. This specificity firmly in place for several years is an additional advantage for the competitiveness of your realizations 
produits mécano-soudés - MECATLAS
produits mécano-soudés - MECATLAS
MECATLAS offers on demand prestations