You are an engineer of an industrial group

of the railroad, aeronautical sectors, the energy, naval, automobile ...


Your objective is to deal with a unique and reliable person receiving benefits for the manufacturing of a capital good

You wish to bring to a successful conclusion your project, with optimal results and by respecting your budget.

You are a large company of the aeronautical, automobile, energy, railroad, naval sectors

You are Responsible for a project for which you need a reliable partner. Engineer, you were chosen to carry a project in their entirety.
You look for the best performances, persons receiving benefits who understand the stakes, with professional experience which you need, in the respect of your constraints, including budgetary.


MECATLAS, expert in mechanic-weld for more than 40 years, makes products specialized and adapted to your domain

  • the whole storage and distribution: containers, furniture of picking…
  • handling systems: trailers, lifting beam, swing chairs, sleds, trolleys,…
  • lifting equipments for your operations of weld, assembly, templates and swing chair for painting …

Interventions in stainless mechanic-weld

  • Steel, aluminum;
  • Prototypes, unique parts, small series;
  • Cut, folding, big lengths, welding manual and laser, assembly, painting, putting into service.

The MECATLAS engineers and technician follow you on every project. That your choice concerns to the subcontracting or integrates the industrialization or still the studies, our account manager is your interlocutor.
He resolves your problems, it is your support for performance artist the file thanks to its control of mechanic-weld applied to your business sector: suggestions, simplification, savings, purchases, methodologies.

You so have your own nearby specialized workshop.


biens d'équipement industriel

MECATLAS offers a la carte prestations.