The goods of industrial equipment

Precision and reliability proved in sharp sectors

You need appropriate goods to the aircraft, automotive Industry, energy, railroad or naval industry

  • Produce a unique capital good or in very small quantity
  • Obtain a functional and immediately operational good
  • Ally results and optimal costs

We realize for you capital goods of storage

and handling by following your plans or ours, according to the case.

Our services adapted to the capital goods

To answer at best your need, we propose you:

Industrial production a la carte

Custom-made Service for the production of a capital good

  • With or without study
  • Unitarian manufacturing or in series (industrialization + manufacturing)
  • With or without on-site assembly

Our Customer in your sectors

Alstom, BJ75, Bouygues, Claas, DCNS, Excent, Faurécia, Lactalis, Latécoère, Mac Donald, MBE, Ponticelli, REEL, Renault, SPIE, Valéo…

For all furher information, please contact our Project manager:

Bertrand EVAIN –
Nicolas DONVAL –