You are person in charge method at a manufacturer of machines or materials

for the industry, the BTP, the agriculture ...

Your objective is to find a reliable subcontractor to make a product mechanic welded of quality and sustainable.

He has to master your subject and be capable of participating in the industrialization phase and to advise you.

You are one manufacturer company of the domain of the construction of machines with specific uses for the agriculture, the public works, the textile industry: tractors, machines of handling, machines of manufacturing, weaving job …

You know perfectly the requirements of your job, the practices of your contractors, their processes and needs.

According to its experience, you expect for a quality of optimal service of the person which accompanies.

MECATLAS, expert in mechanic-welding for more than 40 years, industrializes and makes products specialized and adapted to your business sector

  • mechanic welded part for the manufacturing of machines;
  • elements of machines;
  • frame mechanic welded.

Interventions in stainless mechanic-weld

  • steel, alu;
  • cut, folding big lengths, manual welds and laser, assembly, paint, putting into service;
  • robotic

MECATLAS engineers and technician accompany you on every project. That your choice concerns to the subcontracting or integrates the industrialization or still the studies, our Project Manager is your single contact person. He resolves your problems, it is your support for performance your project thanks to its control of mechanic-weld applied to your business sector: suggestions, simplification, savings, purchases, methodologies …

You so have your own workshop specialized nearby.

produits mécano-soudés - MECATLAS


produits mécano-soudés - MECATLAS


Afin de répondre à vos exigences et contraintes, MECATLAS vous propose des prestations adaptées