MECAtlas designs and realizes industrial means, equipment and mechanic welded group, from prototype to small series.
Today, MECAtlas goes farther and finalizes the synergy with SR2C, its Rumanian sister Company set in 2005, by presenting to French companies skills and widened and complementary services, in total coherence with the industrial practices, requests of competitiveness-deadlines and needs in support – management of projects.

MECAtlas opens to the production of industrial packagings, trolleys, furnish edge of line for the transfer of post with post or the transport of fragile products between industrial sites.

So, the design and the manufacturing of industrial packaging are added to the realization of equipment and welded mechanic product.    

Besides, the coexistence of both sites allows to carry out all the stages of manufacturing: 

  • Prototypage, preserial, small technical series at MECAtlas,
  • Prototypage, preseries and more important series of mixed packaging (metal + textile product) at SR2C. 

MECAtlas and SR2C, for the projects which concern them, assures essential support functions to the practice of your industrial activity.

Expertises and resources in equipment, product, mechanic welded packaging and textile, complementary and strengthened.

  • Project optimization : one project manager, as an unique interlocutor, takes in hand your custom-made project and mixes useful skills, France or Romania, from the study to the series, in agile and collaborative mode. This guarantees you a quick and effective action. This new organization is more flexible and successful to supply exact service to the industrialists of the automobile sectors, the aeronautics’, the rail transportation, food-processing’, naval’, machine tools’, machines of handling and agricultural’.

  • Great know-how: Engineers, project manager, mechanics, boilermakers, painters, assemblers textile preparation … You benefit from professionals’ contribution who practise for more than 40 years your industrial environment with the master of its practices, needs. Their experiences allow you to dedicate yourself to your core-business in confidence.

Economic advantages and reduction of deadlines for your mechanic welded product and your industrial packaging

  • Fewer intermediaries and more skills = time & cost saving : a single company, a single interlocutor, whatever is the project and the place of execution, insures you the speed of transmission for a master of deadlines and of the quality control at the best price.
  • 2 places of production to make in small or big series: our Experts determine the place of production according to the volumes, the technologies and the resources to guarantee you the effect competitiveness looked for.
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SR2C, created in 2005 by MECAtlas, in Romania, is specialized in solutions of industrial logistics. The strengthening of synergy wanted by his Leaders Luc and Jean François in 2017, opens new perspectives to the industrialists in France.

MECAtlas is in the center of the activity from France and organizes an offer widened thanks to the presence of SR2C: prototypes, manufacturing of small and big series, industrial packaging …