The handling of parts and goods plays a vital role in flow management. Thus the optimization of both a production chain and a supply chain requires the use of suitable lifting devices. In addition, the manipulation of complex parts requires most of the time the use of specific lifting equipment.

Indeed, lifting beam, enable the use of multiple lifting point, are the essential partners for cranes. Thus they allow you to lift complex parts safely and simplify stowage operations and handling. Existing in different forms: single beam, H, I, X, Y or specific … fixed or adjustable spreader can also incorporate positioning or rotation devices adding additional functions to these handling devices.

These welded structures must be manufactured by qualified welders and delivered with quality files that include material certificates and test report. Load tests that can be directly managed by MECAtlas including the manufacture of specific tools required for their achievements.

Both painting and identification play a key role for lifting tools. Thus, these safety elements are identified by markings, zebras or other indicators made by painting, stickers or signs. Indeed, the nature of these tools involves visible and clear colors and markings.

MECAtlas can study and manufacture all specific lifting beams and grippers according to your specifications in accordance to both French and European standards. Our service may also include the supply and assembly of commercial items such as slings and shackles and if required the integration at your plant.