Popularized by LEAN manufacturing and the 5S approach, the organization of work benches and trolleys has become a recognized solution to improve both the quality and the productivity. Thus, the rationalization and standardization of workstations and transfer trolleys make it possible to lean the production tool while improving the comfort of the personnel and ultimately limit the risks of error and accidents.

After removing the useless, the various tools and materials shall be organized according to their frequency of use. Thus, the operator must have directly access to what he uses at least once an hour. The other tools and cleaning equipment used daily are installed at the workstation. As for the tools used more rarely (once a week), they are stored in dedicated areas on the shop floor.
Note that in case of a Total Productive Maintenance approach, the tools and spare parts for the 1st level maintenance (i.e. performed by the operators) shall also be stored at the workstation near the production equipment.

So there must be “a place for everything and everything at its place”. A simple solution is to create dedicated locations on the worktop either by marking or by making “pockets”. Thus, using wooden or plastic elements such as Kömacel®, it is possible to make compartments to simply position and secure both tools and parts while keeping them accessible. This solution is particularly applicable to thin objects of about ten centimeters.

For smaller or larger objects or presenting complex shapes, other types of separation such as boxes may be more suitable. Thus, whether fixed or removable, closed or open containers can be used to store small items or contain bulky materials.

For peculiar, massive or irregular elements it is sometimes necessary to store them in bulk or to create removable or adjustable fixing equipment.

The same principles apply to furniture. These fixed layouts can also incorporate cabinets to store fragile or sensitive items and even benches carry out small operations on site.

Whether you want to standardize or specialize your workstations or transfer trolleys, MECAtlas studies and manufactures all solutions. We can manufacture (welding / machining and painting) and perform the final assembly including the integration of various off the shelves elements like wheels, drawbar, handles … and do the marking by labels, engraving or painting.